Company specializing on the extraction, processing, storage and wholesale of seafood.

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LLC Fishery Company "Cardinal" is a family company founded in April 1995, specializes in the extraction, processing, storage and wholesale of seafood. The company has fishing sites, a refrigerator for 8,000 tons, a freezing workshop for 60 tons production per day, a caviar workshop for 2 tons production per day, seafood processing workshop, seal oil productionworkshopas well as the necessary gear, watercraft, transport, equipment for the production process.

About products

The main type of manufactured products are frozen fish, seaweed, squid, whelk, and red caviar.

In the last 7 years, the company has been mastering the extraction and production of products from marine mammals (seals) and produces the following products:

  • dietary seal fat;
  • supplement “Imunorost” from seal fat;
  • seal meat;
  • minced meat and bone for animal feed;
  • by-products (heart, liver, lung, kidneys);
  • dried bile, thymus, penises;
  • 8 types of canned products;
  • canned food for pets.

We are actively developing and we carry out the production and releaseof food products, dietary supplements from seal fat under our own brand. The 5 polyunsaturated fatty acids OMEGA-3, as well as OMEGA 6-7-9, SKVALEN, which are part of the seal fat, are the key to health, beauty and youth.

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